How Kate McKinnon Invoked the Wrath of Cat Ladies

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Because we are made out of flesh and sinews and around 5.6 liters of blood, we are infatuated with Kate McKinnon. How could you not willingly lie prostrate at the feet of the woman who gave SNL it’s pouting, baby-faced, leather-vest-swaddled Biebs? (Sidenote: if TV and the Internet have taught us anything it’s that the secret to an impeccable Bieber is lesbianism.) But, as it turns out, there are human people out there in the world who don’t worship McKinnon quite to the degree that we do. In fact, they are just a bit upset with her.

Last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the impressions queen brought up a SNL bit from last season in which she and Charlize Theron play slightly off-kilter cat rescuers. The sketch was bizarre, sure, but totally inoffensive — or so we thought. Real, live cat shelter employees had a different opinion: they weren’t pleased with McKinnon’s portrayal of their kind and took to Twitter to air their grievances. But don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, ladies and gents (especially your ex’s tweet about meeting Drake — that dingus spent their night watching old episodes Cops and trying to remove the yellow pit stains from their button-downs); McKinnon cares very deeply for cats.

If you won’t accept McKinnon’s apology, Cat Lobbyists of America, perhaps you will allow her impression of Angela Merkel reacting to Germany’s World Cup win to soothe your rankled soul.

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