How to Emulate Kim Kardashian’s Killer Konturing

kim cotour

Have you ever felt that your face just wasn’t….sculpted enough? Do you want your features to emerge and recede like some fine escarpment that has been shaped and eroded by years of wind and waves?

Well DIY goddesses, domestic muckrakers, and best friends Katy and Katie decided to take on Kim Kardashian’s official conturing guide with nothing more than a face map, colored powders and creams, and the power of blending at their disposal. Because we are #blessed, the pair chronicled their journey through their own facial structures and up to their hairlines on “Just The Tips,” the web series in which Katy and Katie “heed the siren song of ‘best life’ advice in the realms of fashion, makeup, DIY, crafts, and home decor.” What did we learn? That some of us just don’t deserve HD faces.

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