Kanye West’s Weird Birthday Cake Unleashes A Flood of Instagram Vitriol

Kanye West, like us mortals, has a birthday, and that day is today. (Happy birthday, Mr. West!) Naturally, Kim Kardashian, his wife, is participating in the festivities—and even more naturally, she posted a picture of his birthday cake to her Instagram.

It’s an interesting cake to say the least—six little cakes that spell out Yeezus. And while perhaps it’s a genius way to make sure everyone can get a corner piece, bored Instagrammers all agree it is an abomination. Here are some of the best comments:

“It looks like sand.”

“Looks like concrete”

“the cake is fuckin clay”

“I’m sorry but tht is ugly”

“So stupid”


“it doesn’t even look appetizing.”


A few wildcard comments: 

“If you need to have a sex tape to buy a cake you have problems.”

“Wack ass illuminati cake”

Some timid approval:

“I oddly like this cake”

And finally, the surprising voice of reason:

“Honestly, who cares if you guys like the cake or not? It’s not yours! If Kanye likes the cake, that’s all that matters! It’s his birthday!”

This is only a small sample of the enathema Kim’s cake pic has unleashed. But let’s be real: we’d all eat it. From what we can gather it’s probably an extremely fancy, tasty vanilla cake with perhaps a caramel or whipped chocolate buttercream frosting. The only thing gross about this cake is that there aren’t any candles. Let the man make a wish, yeez.

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