7 Different Types of Misguided #ThrowbackThursday Posts


We all love looking at embarrassing photos from our friends’ past — a goofy outfit, an unflattering haircut, a slam poetry performance — but there are some things that just shouldn’t be shared. Like all of these:


“#throwbackthursday Spring Break 2010 when me and my girls went down to Cancun. Wild times! #tequila #perfect #vacation #takemeback… Edit: Rebecca, I wasn’t lying when I texted you and said I was too sick to go to your Grandpa’s funeral that week. I mean, as you can see in the above photo, I’m looking very pale. I had to practically be helicoptered out of there, so you’re the one who’s being insensitive. Also, please don’t go and look at my Instagram or Facebook or Flickr posts from around that time… I think their dating processes are wrong or something. Just trust me.”




“#TBT The fam on Christmas last year. I was still in rehab when this picture was taken — probably right around the time when I was caught trying to do whip-its with a can of hairspray, right @PassagesMalibu? LOL! — but I thought everyone looked too great not to share! Also thanks for sending down that hairspray, Mom!”

“#TBT to the #TBT I posted of my #TBT I posted of my #TBT I posted of my #TBT I posted of my #T”


“MY PLACENTA, Y’ALL! #TBT #Baby #MiracleofLife #ThanksForKeepingThisMom #RightNextToTheHotPockets”


“Me, yesterday, just thinking bout what I was going to post for #TBT today :)”

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.20.45 AM

“#ThrowbackThursday to the day Dad left. No photo because he took the camera with him.”

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