#TBT: Watch Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch’s Old Two-Women Show, Dratch & Fey

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Once upon a time, before Rachel Dratch was your comedy lighthouse guiding you from the cold, dark waters of being the loudest and crudest (so: perpetually single) girl in your high school class to the inviting shores of Successful Funny Womenlandia she was just a gal with big dreams herself, hustling at Chicago’s ImprovOlympic and the Second City main stage. Back in 1999, right around when Dratch was hired as a Saturday Night Live cast member, she developed Dratch & Fey, a two-woman sketch show with some, like, really underground comedian, you probably don’t even know her, her name is Tina Fey, whatever.

The critically-acclaimed show ran at both Second City and New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade before fading into the recesses of comedy history, filed away on a shelf between Gallagher’s sledgehammer and Dane Cook’s fame.

But there is no need to mourn over missing such an incredible duo in action — some sweet angel has uploaded an old VHS copy of the entire show onto YouTube. Technology! The Aughts! The Internet! Thank you, Al Gore! Unsurprisingly, watching Dratch and Fey in action, effortlessly bouncing in and out of characters, is like looking into the eyes of God and having him wink back at you.

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