The Hottest NYFW Trend: Thong Skirts

Because we are failures of adulthood who have grown accustomed to falling asleep with our porn-loaded laptop on our stomach and have forgotten what human touch feels like, it is only on very few and vary rare occasions that we wake up and decide to exert some effort in getting dressed. But when we do, oh boy — we go out all. We’re talking curling our eyelashes, shaving our legs, putting on an actual bra (with underwire and everything!) as opposed to the glorified hammock that we usually wear, choosing an outfit that isn’t reminiscent of something a grandma would buy herself after winning a bingo jackpot in Atlantic City or the clothing of a sixteen-year-old trying to hide her pregnancy. When we hit the streets looking and feeling this good, nothing can stop us. It’s like life has become an ‘80s sex comedy and we are the Queen B who walks down the high school hallway while this song plays.

Surely you have experienced this feeling and if you have, you already know how fleeting it is. It takes very little for us to go from feeling like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times in Ridgemont High to crawling into the shower corner à la Carrie. Watch as the hilarious ladies of Small Medium Tall lose that hot feeling:

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