Watch: This Amy Schumer Video Proves Weddings Are Crazy

The Amy Schumer video below can be interpreted two different ways.

1. Break-ups suck. Wouldn’t it be funny and delightful if we could treat them like weddings, like “special days” where we get to feel wonderful?


2. Weddings are insane.

The video pokes fun at reality TV, and shows what it would look like if breakups followed the same formula as weddings. And while it might seem like the punchline of “My Dream Breakup” is the fact that most women would never be so calm and happy about breaking someone’s heart, that’s not my takeaway. Really, it seems to me, weddings are a little nuts.

We don’t treat any other relationship milestones or status change the same way we treat weddings. (We certainly don’t put on a fancy dress for the first time we decide to adopt a cat together). And what’s really brought to light by Schumer’s hilarious video is how strange it is that so many weddings focus so heavily on the bride, treating the wedding as her “special day.”

The laughable way Schumer casually dismisses her boyfriend of two-and-a-half years (reciting a speech she write beforehand) perfectly mimics the deep selfishness that lead to the invention of the word “bridezilla.” And the overzelaous “planner” who helps takeaway from the ┬ápersonal nature of the situation, her breakup-dress tantrum, and the fact that when it’s done, she’s more ecstatic about how smoothly it went than how she has a whole new life ahead of her? The hilarious icing on the giant, overdecorated cake.

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