Watch Vanessa Bayer Kill Punk Rock, Call NOFX “Four General Messes”

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Vanessa Bayer‘s brutally honest and questionably qualified media coach Janessa Slater is back, this time setting her sights and dad jokes on the bedroom-door-slamming/rule-breaking of punk rock and veterans of the scene NOFX. Who knows why such nonconformist renegades like Fat Mike, Melvin, El Hefe, and Smelly (these are members of the band NOFX; I know this because I am a true punk who once had the AIM screenname OiSk8trChick) agreed to sit down with a corporate lackey, but they did, and the interview goes about as well as you’d expect it would. You know, once you start your session with a crusty, tattooed punk band with the declaration that punk is dead and nobody skateboards anymore, it’s pretty much already over.

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