7 Ways to Do Spring Fashion When It’s Actually Still Freezing

There's always a perfect time to stop wearing tall boots underneath our jeans.

In case you haven’t heard, Spring is here! Well it is today and tomorrow anyway, before temperatures plummet and winter drags on into April for the rest of your life if you’re here on the East Coast. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all get excited about #sprang #fashans. Not too excited, it’s not like it’s actually warm enough to wear a dress or anything, but you can give winter a half-hearted middle finger, flash a bit of ankle, and get all English Rose with your blusher. Hey, someone’s gotta bring the flowers, and nature’s slacking.

Here are most possible ways to do spring fashion subtly, because even though we’re not quite there yet, it’s always the perfect time to stop wearing tall boots underneath our jeans.

1. Wear sneakers.
Sneakers are having a miniskirt moment. Whether they’re $30 from Forever 21 or $4200 from Chanel, they’re everywhere. And now that snow is only forecast a couple more times (!!), you’ll have opportunities aplenty to wear them without ruining them when you accidentally step into a puddle that you thought was a sturdy layer of ice.

2. Wear bright makeup. 
If it’s good enough for Lupita, it’s good enough for us to try recreate a slightly less stunning version of. Pink blush, pixie dust eyeshadow, prints and patterns — do it all, and do it all at once. A good rule of (sequined) thumb is to do with makeup what you can’t yet with clothes.

3. Get your ankles out.
Ankles are one of the most underrated body parts. Throw on some cropped pants, ditch your socks, and expose your lower legs to some vitamin D. It won’t be long before your vagina can join them.

Alexa Chung’s ankles (center).

5. Do something crazy with your hair.
My Little Pony pastels are all the rage for spring. If you’re wary of permanent or even semi-permanent dye, just photoshop a selfie and post it to Instagram. At-home color glosses are also a great way to liven things up with minimal risk.
Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.36.37 PM

5. Buy new sunglasses.
We’re obsessed with Karen Walker‘s new range, which all come with screen printed pouches crafted by Kenyan artisans. You could also shop around for a UV-protective monocle, a thing that surely exists by now.

6. Wear your Tevas with socks. 
Sorry, Jesus — when it comes to Tevas, it’s all about what Dad would do. If you’d rather feel the air between your toes, swap the socks for legwarmers à la Prada.


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