Everything Is Conspiring to Keep You from Landing Your Dream Job

If you believe the hype.

If you believe the hype.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Cut’s resident astrologer might have refuted Susan Miller’s doom-and-gloom April forecast, but this week’s very nervous-making career news proves she wasn’t totally off the mark.

First, there was a study from the Technische Universität München that found women are less likely to apply for jobs that use “male-sounding” words such as “aggressive,” “assertive,” and “independent.” (What?) Then there was research from the University of Kansas that said potential employers can make all sorts of wild assumptions about personality, income, etc. based on interviewees’ shoes. (What? You don’t know me!)

Of course it’s not bad to be aware of how The Man is keeping you down or how your footwear might be off-putting, but making paranoia-induced changes every time you read something science-y is no way to live. (We should know because, uh, we report on that stuff.) Save your strength for the factors you can control — like your power pose resume and research — and not how someone might judge your Alexandre Birman pumps.

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