‘Clueless’ Is Finally Getting a Modern Remake (Sort Of)

CherIf you were of a certain age in 1995, your favorite movie was undoubtedly Clueless. This cult classic launched thousands of plaid skirts and feather pens. It made the “whatever” sign an international symbol. Clueless creator Amy Heckerling wrote a film that is still obsessively quoted almost 20 years after its release (yes, you are that old).

Every Cher Horowitz lover hoped for more, and let’s be honest, that television spinoff was a devastating disappointment. You just can’t replace Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd. But now there is a way to channel that nostalgia. @ModernClueless is allowing us to envision Cher, Dionne and Tai living in the present day. Why wasn’t this thought of sooner? I have no idea, but it’s amazing to see my favorite characters navigating 2014.

Clueless Photoshop

We’ve seen enough Photoshop controversies to know that this is true.

Clueless Lorde

Cher never came off as a music buff.

Clueless Spelling

Spelling is unfortunately thought to be irrelevant.

Now can we please bring the term “jeepin” back?


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