Why Girls Don’t Actually Run the World in One Depressing Infographic

Today in infographics that both depress you and validate what you already hypothesized: The follow-up visuals to Beyoncé‘s essay on gender (in)equality.

Confirming that girls don’t actually run the world — if they do then they’re getting paid very poorly for their efforts — this chart is another sunny takeaway from Maria Shriver‘s annual The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink.

Here are the essentials:

  • One in three adult women are living in poverty or on the brink of it,
  • One quarter of single mothers spend more than half their incomes on housing compared to one tenth of single fathers,
  • Nearly two thirds of single mothers work low wage retail, service or admin jobs
  • 47% of the labor force is female yet 62% of minimum wage jobs are held by women,
  • 27% of the low income workforce reports poor or fair health compared with only 15% of the high income workforce, and
  • 42% of low income women experience high stress levels compared with 22% of low income men

And again, with pictures:


Yikes. But despite the fact that there’s like, hard evidence and numbers and shit, not all women are ready to accept the situation as requiring government intervention.

Today at 5:30pm EST President Barack Obama will accept a copy of Shriver’s annual report. This has provided the Conservative Bullshit Forum Independent Women’s Forum with the opportunity to shift the blame onto women with this unconvincing argument from Sabrina Schaeffer, co-author of the staggering work of heartbreaking ignorance Liberty is No War on Women: How Big Government and Victim-Politics Undermine America’s Progress:

“A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink is a political campaign – reports, documentaries, events – intended to perpetuate the myth that America is inherently unfair to women and girls today, to encourage even greater dependence on the state, and to give government even more control over our lives. The report is very good at cataloging the challenges that women face, but ignores many of the causes of that hardship, instead doubling down on the government-knows-best approach.”

BRB, sticking my head in an oven.

Download The Schriver Report here through January 15.

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