People Have Strangely Strong Opinions on Leandra Medine’s Diet

Leandra Medine

There’s really no way to escape the scrutiny of the nutritionist’s-license-waving, self-righteous Grub Street Diet commenter. Stick mostly to raw vegetables and red lentil dal and they gleefully accuse you of lying about the Doritos from Thursday night. Spend six days squirting liquified animal fat topped with truffle foam and an emulsion of truffled butter into your gullet and they say you’re a badass who won’t live long enough to warrant another food diary. It’s a lose-lose situation whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-free or a gourmand in the tradition of A.J. Liebling.

Leandra Medine was the latest sacrificial lamb to step up to the scaffold, where she was predictably flayed alive for enjoying macrobiotic quinoa and matcha lattes, eating too little, not keeping kosher enough for some people’s liking, and — wait for it — being boring. On the bright side, the complaints rotate between the same, like, four themes every week, so it’s not as if the crowd’s getting any more intolerant of the culinarily adventure-less. On the even brighter side, the above photo most likely depicts how much she doesn’t care.

Honestly, the whiny over-analysis is so semi-entertaining in a crap-TV kind of way that we’ll just swallow our indignation and throw in a faux quibble of our own: “She went to Jack’s Wife Freda and didn’t get the grilled halloumi?!!!!!!!! How could she?!!!”

[Grub Street]

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