#LoveOnLove: Unmissable Relationship Advice From Courtney Love’s YouTube AMA

"I think you get several soul mates in your lifetime. Probably three."

"I think you get several soul mates in your lifetime. Probably three."


As she explains in part two of her amazing #LoveOnLove AMA, Courtney Love is lucky to be alive. And we’re lucky she is, because from where else would we acquire such honest relationship advice on everything from clashing pink and red to avoiding total pop psych for the bourgeoisie? (that’s astrology, in case you were wondering — sorry, Susan Miller.) She’s basically the Mark Twain of our time, only for 25-year-olds living in West Hollywood. The voice for a generation, if you will.

Anyway, real talk like this isn’t relevant on just one day of the year. So our spirit animal has again taken to the internet to bestow her wisdom. Her most salient points, below.

1. Go for someone with opposite personalities, but the same values.

Spiritual hygiene and creativity are especially important.

2. The internet is another good source of relationship advice. 

“You need to Google ‘dysfunctional relationship,’ and tick the boxes.”

3. Soul mates don’t exist.

Your first crush dictates your archetype, your parents dictate your archetype, Susan Miller is trolling you, and the idea of having one soul mate is crap.

“I went out with a guy who reminded me of my stepfather, who I adored, and I was like ‘This is creepy! This is creepy!’ In my business people plan that Freudian stuff all the time, but to answer your question in the real world, which is not where I am sitting, I think that fate is bullshit. I think that yeah, there is a fate, but you can change your destiny.”

“I think you get several soul mates in your lifetime. Probably three.”

4. You can have it all — even if you have to cheat. 

If you’re stuck on a desert island and can only take someone who will offer great conversation or great sex, choose both. If asked this question on a game show, cheat. She does clarify, however, that good conversation often leads to great sex rather than the other way around.

Watch video on her YouTube channel you should already have bookmarked, and make sure to keep it running afterwards for the episode on Twibel. 140 characters has never sounded so liberating.

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