Read Jonathan Adler’s Ode to Being Unemployed in Greenwich Village in ’93

"The Village is Oz."

Greenwich VillageSaying Greenwich Village isn’t the spirited hub of broke artists that it once was would be a massive understatement. It’s easy to fall victim to nostalgia for a neighborhood that we were too young to experience. (A writer’s salary certainly won’t help you get there now.) The closest we will come to the bohemia that once was is through Greenwhich Village Stories, a poetic ode to the famous location. Judith Stonehill collected and edited pieces written by the artists, writers, actors, and musicians who called the Village their home.

Our favorite remembrance thus far comes from Jonathan Adler:

“It’s 1993. I get fired. Again. Of course I deserve it. I’m a terrible employee. Personal calls, chronic tardiness, serial affairs with coworkers . . . and bosses! Do I despair? No! I’m a Village person. Nobody in the Village has a job; everyone has a calling. The Village is an alternative universe where any creative dream can become a reality. The Village is Oz. I tromp on over to Greenwich House on Jones Street, sign up for a pottery class, and begin my odyssey.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a New York City neighborhood that takes your sudden unemployment and inspires pottery classes instead of panic? Yeah, we are sighing.

Read the entire excerpt at Greenwhich Village Stories is available March 25.


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