21 Fresh Female Rappers Not Named Nicki Minaj

"Brothas ain't shit."

What do female rappers, good men, baby pigeons, and Bobbleheads in Fallout 3 have in common? Google wants to know where they’ve all gone. A couple of weeks ago NPR formulated the question we’ve been asking ourselves and the internet for years into an investigation aptly titled, ‘Where Did All the Female Rappers Go?’ citing a PolicyMic article from the end of last year that prophesied 2014 as female rap’s renaissance year. Female rappers thrive outside of the mainstream, the article argued, which has historically been prime territory to cultivate the underdog stories good lyrics thrive on. Iggy Azalea‘s The New Classic, Azealia BanksBroke with Expensive Taste, and Angel Haze‘s Dirty Gold were all slated for release this year. Following a dispute with her label Island Records, Haze’s album was moved up to a December 30 release date, arguably the worst time for a record to be released, and suffered because of it. Banks has repeatedly seemed more concerned with verbalizing her stories on Twitter rather than in a studio.

2014 hasn’t, obviously, been the renaissance year of female rap. With the exception of Nicki Minaj, who you can’t get away from if you try, most female rappers technically fall under the underground umbrella. Various excuses have been given for this, including the cost of hair extensions and makeup (yes, seriously.) But is it all bad? Late ’90s/early noughties Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliott (!!) will also drop their new albums soon if God really exists, and Nitty Scott, MC, Jean Grae, and Awkwafina have proved far less elusive than Bobblehead dolls.

Here are the ladies with debuts, comebacks, or breakthroughs slated for the near future:

Dominique Young Unique

Missy Elliot

Jungle Pussy

Angel Haze

Ruby Ibarra

Lauryn Hill

NoName Gypsy

Lil’ Kim

Nitty Scott, MC


Jean Grae

Iggy Azalea


Snow Tha Product

Brooke Candy

Amber London


Gift Uh Gab

Princess Nokia / Wavy Spice

Dutch ReBelle

T’Nah Apex

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