The 10 Most Important Covers of Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ [Updated]

Angel Haze, Kanye West, Vin Diesel and Diplo are all Drunk in Love.

Angel Haze, Kanye West, Vin Diesel and Diplo are all Drunk in Love.

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, everybody got drunk in love, with artists from The Weeknd to Kanye West putting their own requisite spins on Beyoncé’s seminal ode to sex and alcohol. “You’re a MILF and I’m a motherfucker” — never knew you needed that lyric, did you? Or how about some references to oatmeal? Perfect for this chilly winter morning.

Here are the 10 most important covers and remixes we’ve heard so far. Let the romance begin:

1. Angel Haze
Our spirit animal Angel Haze gives Jay-Z some fierce competition in this live rendition for BBC Radio 1. She might struggle with the high notes, but luckily there’s a hilarious backup singer who actually looks like a drunk person gridin’ up in dat club. Bonus points for stylishly making over Beyoncé’s rap (“skateboart, surfboart, Tom Ford”).

2. Future
“Hey, you know what Beyoncé needs more of? Autotune” — said nobody ever. But no matter how much Future’s wailing ability pales in comparison to Bey’s, his verses are quite original. Some might say the song would be better if he didn’t actually drink all the vodka he was talking about drinking and wind up off-key halfway through, but we respect that he’s at least staying on-theme.

3. Vin Diesel 
This is very minimally a cover of the song, and more a cover of the dance. It’s also not a very good one, and therefore an amazing one. Skip to 4:45 for the Beyoncé segment.

4. Bakko
Upcoming R&B/soul singer Bakko is diving in the deep end with this risky (risqué?) cover. We reckon she nailed it.

5. Emmanuel Houndo
This magical violin cover comes with a tick of approval from the Queen herself, who posted it to her Facebook page last week. Do you see where he’s playing? In a school! Because he’s still in high school! What a prodigy.

6. Diplo
Perfect for grinding up in that club.

7. T.I.
Notable lyrics: “she say champagne ain’t strong enough but she never will say it ain’t long enough” and “don’t take this as misogyny when I say take this mahogany.” Racy stuff, T.I.

8. Kanye West
This is the “official” version, Beyoncé-approved version. It is unknown whether she sanctioned his references to impregnating Kim Kardashian‘s mouth, or to oatmeal. OATMEAL.

9. The Weeknd
Abel Tesfaye gave us this gift for his birthday (and for Valentine’s Day), adding in some heavy drug-use and dark introspection. It’s quite beautiful and very disturbing.

10. Beyoncé
Who better to mix Beyoncé than Beyoncé? This “officially” uploaded by Complex and produced by Detail features vocals from the Queen herself, except drawn out over seven minutes and ten seconds. Do with that time what you will…

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