This Sounds Like the Best Coffee Shop Ever

At some point in time, internet cafes and coffee shops became the same thing. Hey, I’ll admit it: if I’m ever sitting at a coffee shop myself, it’s usually to take advantage of the FREE WIFI.

Here’s the thing, though. So many places have free wifi these days, not just cafes. My salon, Urban Outfitters, and even some subway stations all make it supremely easy to check my email. Free wifi is everywhere, not to mention 3G.  And that can be awesome. I love being able to Instagram my super-cool life in real time, just like everyone else. But I think we can all agree, we all spend way too much time online. (So much so that it’s giving us body image issues.)

We don’t need to check our favorite blogs while we’re on a date. We don’t need push notifications from those apps we don’t even use. We definitely don’t need to play Candy Crush while sipping on our lattes. That’s why more establishments should take a cue from Faraday Cafe in Vancouver. The cafe seriously discourages internet use. According to Take Part:

At the center of the shop artist Julien Thomas has built an enclosure modeled after the Faraday cage. Created by English scientist Michael Faraday in the 1830s to study electromagnetism, the metal box is made of material that repels signals—rendering today’s cell phones and laptops useless when inside.

The cups at the shop even provide a prompt for patrons, and ask them to reflect on what life is like without the internet.


Faraday  Cafe doesn’t actually think people should never use the internet, obviously. It simply has the novel idea that it might be nice to have an oasis from the web’s seductive, constant updates. As much as I’d love you to read Styleite 24 hours a day, I think all our lives would be better if we had somewhere to meet our pals or read a book where our amazing Twitter feed wasn’t even an option. Plus, avoiding the internet is an easy way to avoid annoying people. #lifehack

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