Why We Shouldn’t Worry about Weekend Weight Gain


Packing on the pounds doesn’t really happen during Fashion Week, aka the real Hunger Games, but you can bet your Heattech-ed hiney that a few days after the last dress traipses off whatever magical set Marc Jacobs has dreamed up, we’ll be making a beeline for the nearest Juice Press stockist.

Luckily, there’s no need to sweat a cornflake cookie gobbled down après-show or a drunchies-induced grilled cheese — our pals at Glamour alerted us to a study conducted by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland that says cheat weekends actually help keep your weight in check.

Here’s how they arrived at that conclusion: 80 participants had their weights measured daily. All of them (unsurprisingly) were found to weigh more on Sundays and Mondays. However, those who eventually reduced or maintained their pre-trial weights showed a “compensation pattern” of losing weight beginning on Tuesday. Researchers then concluded that “weight variations between weekends and weekdays should be considered as normal instead of signs of weight gain,” and that “long-term habits may make more of a difference than short-term splurges.”

Clearly this confirms the 80-20 rule, “everything in moderation,” and treat yo self, but it’s always nice when science backs up your burritos-and-bee-pollen lifestyle. So keep at it, ladies — you know what you’re doing.


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