What Kind of Open Relationship Are You In?

Swingers aren't just swingers anymore.

Open RelationshipIf you let your husband drop his watch into a fishbowl at parties in the 1960s, you were considered a free loving swinger. If you were slipping off your wedding ring behind your partner’s back, then you were a cheater. Simple enough, right? Those black and white terms are now a thing of the past. We have been gifted a myriad of ways to describe open relationships — right in time for Valentine’s Day.

Helen Croydon, the author of Screw The Fairytale: A Modern Guide to Sex and Love, gave the UK website Metro her guide to the five latest relationship trends. We took the time to break down the definitions for you:

When your boyfriend is cool with you hooking up with other ladies, or you are all for him sleeping with other dudes, you are in a flexi-sexual relationship. Man, woman, woman, man –who cares right? Partners may feel less threatened by same experimentation, like how guys love to picture girls with other girls. Would same-sex couples be considered flexi-sexual if they started boning the opposite sex? We’re not entirely sure. ..

Hybrid relationships
If you are perfectly content with your partner getting down and dirty with someone else while you catch up on Downton Abbey, you are the proud owner of a hybrid relationship. You don’t need both partners sleeping around to be in an open relationship, you only need permission! This type of coupling goes both ways in case you want to look into the benefits of the ‘mono-non-mono’ dynamic. Think Jason Bigg‘s wife, Jenny Mollen, hiring a prostitute to pleasure him on his birthday. She may be the best or laziest wife ever.

Multiple Dating
Tinder addicts, fans of one-night stands, and those dating solely for the free meals will all fall into the self-explanatory category of multiple dating. Variety is the spice of life, although we don’t really consider this a relationship.

Posh Swinging
Those fish bowl parties we mentioned before have gotten a makeover. They are now classy events. Imagine Lily van der Woodsen throwing a “couples party” for Bart Bass on an amazing episode of Gossip Girl that ceases to exist.

If loving three people at once is a breeze, polyamory is the lifestyle for you. These multi-person relationships aren’t about sex. They are about spreading the love, literally. Metro actually spoke with someone in a four-way relationship. Matt, a British philosophy student (because what else would he study?), said it best:

“I can say I have a favorite book, but I can still love other books. Why can’t I do the same for people?”

Sure. You do you, or her, or him. Whatever… Will anyone be practicing monogamy this Valentine’s Day?


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