Choose Your Own Gender Adventure With Alt-J’s New Music Videos

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British dreamrockers (just coined it) and 2012 Mercury Prize winners alt-J (or ∆, if you are a computer keyboard) are quickly approaching the release of their sophomore album, This Is All Yours, which hits shelves on September 23rd. And what is the best way to arouse anticipation and excitement for your upcoming album? By releasing a music video, as any musician who was around for the halcyon days of TRL could attest. (Or by pushing a personalized ice cream cart and performing a striptease on live TV… that also works.)

Not happy to film just one moody slow-mo True Blood title sequence for their new single “Every Other Freckle,” alt-J has unveiled two different music videos for the track, one with a female lead and the other with a man. Both videos were directed by Olivier Groulx and follow similar trajectories: naked person stands in nature, tries to carry too much fruit, makes out with camera; prehistoric man attacks camera; flowers bloom; volcanoes explode; moods are moody. Rest assured that the most important scene — that of a tiny white kitten dropping onto a bean bad — is identical in each music video.

Take your pick of video star below and yes, you are betraying feminism if you choose the dude-version.

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