How On Earth Is This The “Most Popular Workout Song”?

If I had a hundred guesses to answer the question “What’s the most popular workout song?” (heck, even if I had a thousand guesses) I would not guess an Eminem song from 2002. Apparently, though, I’m alone.

Billboard, Spotify ,and The Echo Nest have all joined forces, collecting data from more than 40 million users and 1.5 billion playlists, to find out what music people listen to most while exercising. And though there were some general, not-too-shocking finds—like that runners tend to listen to pop and alternative music, while bikers go for EDM, and CrossFitters prefer rock and hip-hop tracks—one discovery is incredibly bizarre.

Apparently, overall, across all the different genres of workouts, Eminem’s “’Til I Collapse” is the most popular song.

The title is pretty apt for those pushing their workouts to the limit, but it’s hard to believe that an ironic song name would be enough for gym-goers across the U.S. to include it on their playlists. What other reason could there be, though? If you listen to the song, it doesn’t really seem like the best soundtrack for moving your body.

Exercisers of America: where have you been the last twelve years since this “favorite song” of yours was released? Have you heard of Rihanna? Did you miss the release of “Toxic”?

Maybe if you took Eminem off your playlist, it wouldn’t be as hard to get off the couch and fit in your weekly cardio needs. Just saying:

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