5 Situations Malia Obama Handled Responsibly at Lollapalooza

Malia Obama attended Lollapalooza in Chicago last weekend with two of her girlfriends, one boy (oOoOoOoOoO), and a protective halo of plain-clothed Secret Service detail. While she should be a 16-year-old girl ostensibly clamoring to join the ranks of rebel teen First Daughters, Malia insists on remaining well-behaved, well-dressed, friendly, and otherwise effortlessly cool. Need proof? Here are five situations she handled with almost infuriating responsibility at Lolla:

1. Being spotted in the crowd dancing at Lorde’s set, staying late to see Chance the Rapper.

lorde chance

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Malia was seen at both Lorde and Chance the Rapper sets, which proves the First Daughter knows it’s important to be perceived as having impeccable taste. She can’t be a positive reflection of the United States of America while in the crowd at Kings of Leon.

2. Not wearing a war bonnet.

chanel feather headdress

Malia already knows, even at the tender age of 16, that there is not a festival hair accessory in the world that would reflect well on a young lady of her stature. No war bonnets, no flower crowns, and no feather weaves were spotted on the demurring eldest Obama daughter.

3. Obeying her Secret Service detail’s rule not to take photos with people when it came to this guy, whose Twitter handle turned out to be “@slumdog_”.

In the words of everyone’s favorite fictional First Daughter Zoey Bartlet:


4. However, knowing what an inspiration she is to impressionable young women (and knowing that boys are gross), Malia happily acquiesced to this fresh-faced young lady’s request.

You know how Papa Obama would have reacted to Malia for being a good role model?


5. Pairing a practical sidebraid with a reasonable romper.


Seriously, though, there is nary a single misstep in this entire ensemble: It is age- and event-appropriate; it is cute as hell; it is inconspicuous. Malia is channeling everything the Bush twins weren’t in this picture, and for that, we are grateful, #blessed, and #ProudToBeAnAmerican.

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