WATCH: Pharrell’s New Music Video Isn’t Really Any Better Than ‘Blurred Lines’


In spite of certain outlets alleging Pharrell’s new music video featuring Miley Cyrus for “Come and Get It, Bae” is “like a Dove commercial. In a good way!” and that “the idea here is that Pharrell wants to you to know that he loves women in a positive way,” we don’t think Pharrell is moving away from “Blurred Lines” any faster with this particular concept.

It features Pharrell as the only man in a room full of ethnically diverse models, shooting them while they dance like nobody’s watching like video girls aren’t a thing of misogynist late-’90s hip-hop videos past. They dance for his camera. They dance for Miley. They dance up against him with excessive body rolls. We fail to see how this is huge step forward from touting date rape culture. Just because it features thin, beautiful, non-white models? THAT ISN’T ENDEARING YOU TO US, BRO.

More puzzling is that the video opens with a proclamation that “Beauty Has No Expiration Date,” but then it doesn’t feature anyone who mainstream media or society would typically think of as “expired.” Or like, “in their thirties,” even. Pharrell is basically Macklemore-ing, but with women’s beauty standards instead of “gay rights.” We’re baffled, but if you wanna check out a multi-ethnic meat market, you can do so below. Go and give it back, bae.

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