Pretty Hurts: The 7 Best Songs About Plastic Surgery


Model Stephanie Seymour has taken up a new career as a rapper advertising Dr. Brandt’s youth preservation injectables. She inflicts her first song upon us, “Dr. Brandt” under the name Chappy. Expect lines like these, “Needles full of magic, needles full of collagen, needles full of botox, needles full of elastolin.” It’s commendable. She’s demonstrating a Countess Luann commitment to making this a real song. Advertising and glamourizing mix in equal parts.

But it’s not the first time non-musicians have sang about their favorite cosmetic surgeons, and of course there are real songs damning it. From the glorifying celebrity makeover nightmare that is The Plastics to TLC’s self-acceptance anthem, here are our seven favorite songs about cosmetic surgery.

1. ‘Plastic Surgery’ by Adam And The Ants

2. ‘Unpretty’ by TLC

3. ‘The Plastics’ by Toby Sheldon, Kitty Jay, Venus D’Lite featuring Adam Barta

4. ‘Silicone’ by DETOX, WILLAM & VICKY VOX (lyrics shoehorned into the song, ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn)

5.‘She Got a Nose Job’ by MAD Twists Rock N’ Roll

6.‘Pretty Hurts’ by Beyoncé

7. ‘Plastic Surgery’ by Xzibit

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