Twice As High: Jimmy Fallon’s Classic Jim Morrison “Reading Rainbow” Cover

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Reading Rainbow has been on everyone’s lips this week, as the Kickstarter campaign launched to bring back the program reached its million dollar goal at lightning speed, and has now gotten over $3 million in donations.

The campaign struck a nerve with people, for many reasons. It wants to help teach children to read in thousands of classrooms across the U.S., and people just love LeVar Burton. Reading Rainbow is universally loved.

So naturally, with all the buzz, we’ve had the Reading Rainbow theme song faintly playing in the back of our minds for the last several days. It is, after all a pretty spectacular song. Unlike most people, though, we haven’t been humming the original. We can’t help but still associate the song with Jimmy Fallon‘s amazingly perfect “Jim Morrison” version. So it seems like an appropriate time to visit hilarious video, and if you’ve never seen it, to make your Saturday a thousand times better.

You’re welcome.

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