WATCH: Grimes is a Sexy Voguing Nomad in “Go” Teaser Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.51.49 AM

Well, this is as sexy as the ‘90s Oliver Twist water sprite that we call Grimes can get.

It has been approximately two years (it’s hard to keep track of time when your vision is blurred with tears and your heart is as parched as a dazed traveller crossing the Sahara…also, we smoke a lot of weed; we don’t even know where we are right now, LOLLLL) since Grimes released new music and we have sorely missed the Canadian songstress’s unique brand of ethereal electro-pop. It’s like all the magic left our lives; we’ve felt like Tinkerbell when no one claps.

Thankfully, Grimes has returned toting a shiny new collaboration with Los Angeles-based producer Blood Diamonds that was originally written for Rihanna. Below is the official trailer for the “Go” music video, featuring a Rodarte-clad Grimes wiggling and waggling in the desert, and discovering a sword like some hipster King Arthur. Grimes directed the video with her brother Mac Boucher and, according to her Twitter, spent a week of “endless strife and pain” editing. The full video premieres next week.

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