Predict Your Insta-Popularity, Selfies Jump the Shark, and Archaic Secretary Standards

Oscar selfie

Scientists at MIT wrote an algorithm that predicts how popular a photo you post on Instagram will be.

Using data collected from 2.3 million Flickr images, the team built a formula taking everything from textures to “positive impact” — the latter basically means bikini pics are well-received — into account. We almost don’t want to tell you it’s free to use. (Time)


  • Speaking of selfies, one writer says they’re overdone and on the way out. Which could be a good thing considering how they might be detrimental to your health. (Salon)
  • Stacy London wrote some highly relevant observations about fame and the future of TV. Here’s a sample: “I won’t be surprised if how-to TV comes back into style when audiences are fed up with women having plastic surgery and throwing tables just to stir shit up.” (Medium)
  • Finnish designer Satu Maaranen teams up with Petit Bateau in this trippy, shoppable video. Told you click-to-buy videos were going to be big. (Nowness)
  • Do you “avoid ‘bossing’ other people?” Conceal your eye-rolls when people bore you? Can you pass a typing test — unlike Beverly Johnson? Then you might have been able to make it as a secretary in the 1950s/’60s. (National Archives)
  • Social media hoax or not, this grandma’s shoe game is on fire. (The Huffington Post)
  • Nine types of curls with nine mini tutorials. (The Beauty Department)
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