10 Alternative #ChickLit4Xmas Reads

If anything screams “Christmas morning” louder than a sumptuous robe and a good book, it’s a pair of daggy flannel PJ pants and an excess of mediocre chocolate. JK, but you have to admit that holidays and romance novels go together like Carrie and Big, because what more could want on a chilly winter morning than a bit of sizzling passion that won’t even leave you feeling self-conscious about morning breath?

Enter #chicklit4xmas. The trending hashtag ostensibly has nothing to do with Beyoncé (though you can never now be sure she’s not trolling you) and aims to make your holidays that much more romantical. So while Twitter’s obviously your go-to place right now for recommended reads of sappy escapism, we’ve rounded up 10 alternative pieces of fiction that don’t come with a BYOB (Bring Your Own Ben & Jerry’s) requirement. That’s not to say you can’t if you don’t wanna.

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