Happy Birthday! 10 Reasons We Love Rachel Zoe, Told In Gifs

How appropriate is it that Rachel Zoe‘s birthday falls just days before New York Fashion Week? We are still weeping over the cancellation of the Rachel Zoe Project, but we’re always excited for what the reality TV queen/designer has in store for the future. But for now we’re going to celebrate her birthday with our favorite gifs that capture all the reasons she’s so dear to us in the first place.

1. She’s not afraid to share her opinions.

2. She’s relatable.

3. She’s self-aware.

4. She’s relatable.

5. She’s dramatic.

6. She’s sassy.

7. She is the queen of retail therapy.

8. She’s as addicted to fashion as we are.

9. She’s honest.

10. She’s just plain cool.


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Dan Abrams, Founder