16 Photos of Kim Kardashian Crying That Won’t Be in Her Selfie Book


As we’re sure you already learned from a multitude of indignant tweets (what do you call a group of tweets? A Twattle? A Rage? A BuzzFeed article?) or the collective banshee-like screech released by aspiring writers in cafes everywhere, Kim Kardashian has a book deal. Mrs. West will be releasing a photo book made up of her best selfies. Yes, it’s a selfie book. No, this isn’t The Onion: this is a real news story in 2014.

Titled Selfish, the 352-page hardcover will be published by Rizzoli’s Universe imprint in April 2015 and sell for $19.95. Wait, twenty bucks to flip through photos that Kim took of Kim? Everyone knows that Instagram is free, right? You can get all the Kardashian-West selfies you desire without paying a cent! Hell, you can event throw in some Jenners. YOU SHOULD’VE MADE THIS A ZINE, KIM.

In honor of this incredibly depressing news, we have curated a collection of the only Kim Kardashian images that we thoroughly enjoy, images that accurately depict how we are feeling inside: pictures of Kim crying. We doubt these will make there way into Selfish. Scroll through and #STOPLAUGHING.








kim first cry new season

kim french fry







kim crying rainbow

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