WATCH: Are 3D Fashion Shows The Wave Of The Future?

We’re starting to get a little apprehensive about the future of fashion. Behold the world’s first 3D holographic fashion show, presented in collaboration between German label Stefan Eckert and motion-graphics designer Tim Joeckel.

The show is trippy and filled with lights and variously colored powders what we think is just one model working her way through a virtual catwalk. It’s a sensory treat, to be sure — the flashing lights and the model’s dancing combine with the show’s music in perfectly edited harmony. And if the applause at the end of the presentation is any indication, this show was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Problem is, when we watched it, we barely noticed the clothes at all — although to be fair, this video is just Joeckel’s highlight reel. Still, though, the fact that the clothes seem sort of secondary to their display gives us pause. Even in the front row (or the second row, or in our case the third row) at traditional fashion shows, you get to see the way the clothes move in real time, not the way they’ve been made to move for the camera. A tricked-out video presentation seems to us almost like Photoshopping reality as it walks in front of you. We like this idea — and we liked it when Alexander McQueen filmed Kate Moss for his fall 2006 show. But when McQueen did it, he also presented the real clothes on live models, and at the end of the day, that’s what a fashion show is for.

Then again, people used to think electricity would never replace gas as a power source in private homes, and look at us now!

Take a gander at the Joeckel video below, and it’s McQueen predecessor, too, and tell us what you think. Is it too soon to replace real models with video?


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