4 Body Positive Blogs to Get Schooled By Before the Weekend

You gotta check these out

You gotta check these out

For a while, the Interwebs had a definite lack of fashion blogs that embraced a variety of body types. Now, however, we have evolved to have websites that feature fashionistas of every race, gender, sexuality, and species. (Dog fashion blog?) Here at Styleite we have a special place in our heart for a few of these bloggers. We’d like to share them with you.

Blogger 1: Margie Plus
Margie Plus, as is evident from her name, is a blogger for plus sized women. And she is fabulous. And fashionable as all hell. Plus, she helped preview Modcloth’s new plus sized line. Luuuuuurv.
margie plus white skirt

Blogger 2: His Black Dress
This guy kicks all kind of ass. He plays Xbox in tights and heels. He rocks a beard and a retro blue dress. Essentially, he is shattering the idea of what is appropriate for men to wear– and looks hot doing it.
his black dress

Blogger 3: Style So Far
I love this blog because not only does it encourage women to love their bodies, but it also allows them to find gorgeous clothes on a budget. After all, a lot of plus sized clothing AIN’T cheap. There are also tips and tutorials on everything from nail art to loving your body on social media. Add this to your list of must reads!
mad women

Blogger # 4: Adipositivity
This blogger is an amazing photographer who does a series on naked women’s bodies. If you’re looking for some body positive art for your house, this could be the place to get it. Warning: these pictures can be considered NSFW.

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