5 Beauty Mistakes You Should Keep Making

It’s important to make mistakes. You learn from them. They teach you to never do certain things again for as long as you live, like dry your bras in the microwave, or move apartments. But sometimes mistakes can turn out well. Post-it notes, cornflakes, chocolate chip cookies, the slinky — even microwave ovens themselves — were all inventions of mistake.

The same runs true in the beauty world. How often have you slunk into bed with a face full of makeup and woken up with cat-eye liner so perfectly SIT (still in tact) you can’t bring yourself to shower? Or better yet, with your eyeliner smudged into Parisian chic dark circles?

See our favorite beauty mistakes below, and add your own via the comments. We’re always looking to learn things.


1. Overdoing it with the peroxide.
Okay so you don’t want your hair to fall out in clumps and clog up your drain. But if we’re looking at bleach as optimists, going blonder doesn’t just optimize your potential for fun. It can also give your hair the same scrunchy, beachy texture you get from salt spray or a dip in the ocean, which is a latent benefit for people with overly greasy hair. Just know what you’re in for: You can’t wash this shit out.


2. Block brows.
The power of eyebrow pencil can be harnessed in a variety of ways. Perhaps you just want your brows one shade darker, or maybe you’ve got a few places where the hair still don’t grow ’cause you thought sperm brows looked great when you were 15. Or maybe you just want to look like Cara Delevingne — who wouldn’t?


3. Sleeping with your makeup on.
America has been doing this wrong for decades. Besides the fact that wearing the same makeup conserves your time, your money and (probably) the environment, it also makes you look more European. Carine Roitfeld swears by sleeping in her eye makeup for that blithe Parisian chic mien, and anything Carine Roitfeld does, with the exception of putting models in blackface, you should do too.

4. Using makeup wipes.
Sometimes, however, you do want to take your makeup off. In such circumstances, makeup remover wipes are a 3-ply godsend soaked in all kinds of amazingly harmful chemicals you’ve never even heard of. But does that mean you should stop using them? Hell no — just don’t be a doofus and give your face a quick rinse/moisturize afterwards.

5. Chapped lips
Scrub, buff and moisturize? Screw it — dry lips give you the same insouciant edge as not removing your makeup. Lick them, rub them, get them windburned. It’s like lip plumper that doesn’t cost $16. You don’t want bits of skin hanging off, just the air of a kid who CBF with Chapstick. Or someone who definitely wasn’t left hanging under the mistletoe.

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