You’re Not Alone, Alec: 5 Epic Fashion Rants, Beefs and Meltdowns

If you’ve ever witness a celebrity Twitter meltdown unfold in real time, you’ll know the feeling of witnessing history in the making. Watching 140-character bursts of word vomit, egging them on via DMs, and scanning the hashtagged commentary is slightly perverse, sure, but you neither can nor should look away.

This is what people who were logged on last night got to see if they were following Alec Baldwin (as everyone who remembers the infamous Words with Friends episode should be) as he raged through a series of now-deleted tweets directed at Daily Mail journo George Stark, who had accused Baldwin’s wife of Tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin also called Stark a “toxic little queen”, a second faux pas in light of #DOMA’s downfall and the general public probably not feeling at their most homophobic right now.

And even the perfectly manicured fingertips of fashion folk aren’t immune to the odd outburst of social media spew. Below we’ve rounded up five Twitter beefs, rants and meltdowns that, even when they’re deleted, are never truly deleted. Unfortunately Anna’s kept it pretty civil so far.

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