5 Reasons Beyoncé Should Be #1 On Forbes’ Most Powerful List

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We aren’t ones to knock Oprah, but when we found out that the Forbes List of The Most Powerful Celebrities gave her the top slot over Beyoncé, we kind of thought it was blasphemy. After all, Oprah even had B as a guest on her show to ask her the million dollar question: Does Beyonce feel pressure to out-Beyoncé herself? In our eyes, this whole year has been one continuous moment for Queen B and we can give 5 solid reasons why she should have been numero uno:

We’re only halfway through 2013 and B has already performed at President Obama’s Inauguration, covered GQ and Vogue (the mag’s best-selling cover in the first four months of 2013 with 340,000 copies sold), starred in campaigns for H&M swimwear and Diet Pepsi, launched The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, had her own HBO documentary Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream, took a million breaths away as the finale arrival at the Met Gala, AND performed at the The Sound of Change Live concert that is believed to have reached over 1 billion people. Oh, and please recall one of her most famous performances of all, below.

2. She literally shut down the Super Bowl:
During Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, over 5.5 million tweets were sent out and the stadium was so captivated by her show that the superdome lights went out. It’s been said that 108.4 million tuned into the broadcast, putting it at No. 3 on TV’s list of all-time-most-watched programs. Damn, B!

3. She keeps it real:
Over the past couple of months, B’s slamming bod has been the subject of much dialogue and debate. One situation in particular, where H&M foolishly attempted to photoshop the songstress in their swimwear campaign, shed light on the larger issue at hand. While many celebrities would invite their photos to be edited so that they look trimmer, B said absolutely not and demanded they display her real body. A size-honest woman with some serious clout is exactly what this industry needs.

4. She managed to kick ass while raising a newborn baby:
Beyoncé managed to do all of the above while raising her first child, the adorable Blue Ivy, thus proving that she actually is as powerful as a super hero.

5. She’s a role model young women can actually relate to:
People have tried to claim that Beyoncé is far too much of a sex symbol to be a role model, and to that we say, “Oh, hell no.” She is empowered by her sexuality, but doesn’t exploit it like so many we know (cough, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus). She embraces her curvaceous frame and encourages girls to do the same. And seriously, she is a self-made star that has been in the business since 1997 and showed that hard work and dedication can really put you on top of the world.

Now let’s settle up the score: Oprah, 0 Beyoncé, ∞

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