5 Subliminal Messages Beyoncé Could be Sending With Her Tom Ford Stilettos

Beyonce x Tom Ford Heels

Ever since a certain surveillance video that took place in a hotel elevator surfaced on the Internet, we’ve been left to put together the pieces to figure out why exactly it happened. The pieces, unfortunately, are made up of rumors, “sources,” and Beyoncé and Solange‘s Instagram accounts. All of which aren’t confirmed by the Beygency and can easily be translated into a million different things.

But the New York Post is starting to pick up another piece of evidence to add to our not-so-helpful arsenal of assumptions. In a timely article called “Is Beyoncé sending a subliminal message with her stilettos?” the Post examines what exactly is the pop star trying to tell us during the Brooklyn Nets vs Miami Heat game with her leather-and-gold heels by Tom Ford.

Bey’s a fashion maximalist at heart, so maybe she worked a minimal outfit to let her shoes do all the talking last night. And if they could talk, maybe they would say, “Back off, y’all. Don’t mess with t-h-i-s.”

While we can’t really top t-h-a-t, we came up with our own subliminal messages from her shoe of choice. What does it all mean?

1. “Me and Jay’s love is as intertwined as the gold chains that keep my stiletto heels sturdy. We got that love on lock, y’all.”

2. “If my little sis really wanted to high-kick my husband where it hurts, then she would’ve worn these Tom Ford heels. Why do you think I’m wearing a denim jumpsuit right now?”

3. “‘Pretty Hurts’ came from a very real place because, y’all, these heels are making my feet cramp!”

4. “Gold chains, buckles, and black leather? bell hooks was right. I am a terrorist. A sex terrorist.”

5. “Don’t tell Jay but I’m secretly rooting for the Heat. Notice my red pedicure? Shhhh!”

[New York Post]

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