5 Ways to Stop Wasting Time Worrying About How You Look

You waste 627 hours and 28 minutes a year worrying about what you look like. News flash: No one’s paying that much attention.

Look — we’re in the business of exteriors, but 96 minutes a week wondering “whether my wobbly bits are covered up?” One hour fretting about frizz? Fifty minutes sweating over uneven skin tone? Just stop.

The Daily Mail doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation, and the study results were released a month ago by a company that wants to sell you jiggle-stabilizing synthetic fibers, but girls beating themselves up over their looks will remain relevant as long as humans have eyes. (And we know eyes are going to be the thing 100,000 years from now.)

We’re not suggesting you stop Making an Effort because that’d be self-sabotage, but now’s a splendid time to let loose a little. Straight-from-the-shower hair’s on the up-and-up. Chapped lips are a go. Sitting still for an eternity while someone paints tiny palm trees on your nails is on its merry way out.

Still unhappy? Do something about it — or rather, don’t.

[The Daily Mail]

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