8 Unmissable Pieces of Love Advice from Courtney Love’s Valentine’s AMA

"[astrology is] total pop psych for the bourogoise" [sic]

Courtney Love AdviceCourtney Love has a web series, and the only thing better than that is the fact that she is also shilling out some Valentine’s Day love advice. Courtney posted a video of her playing Dear Abby for fans, but continued to spread the Love on Facebook. We’ve rounded up the best, most honest things she has said (or written) thus far.

Always Be Your Own Woman

“I am not going to give up my day, my career, or my life for anyone, any man,” Courtney said to a fan seeking advice about a breakup.

This is single-handedly the best all around advice, because it applies to every relationship on the planet. Sure, there is always give and take, but if you don’t have your own interests at heart, you’ll lose who you are and become a needy weirdo.

Find A Place To Channel Your Emotions

“You’ve got to find an art form to put it into.”

While Courtney didn’t expressly say we should all channel our inner Taylor Swift, she thinks the best way to get over someone is by writing about it, preferably by writing a crappy love song. But she also warns us not actually send anything you wrote, probably speaking from experience.

Date Your Opposite, or at Least Avoid Artists

“i don’t go out with musicians and i don’t go out with actors unless they also direct and produce cos they tend to be girls waiting by the wall to get picked for the prom” [sic]

Hmm… Aaron Sorkin is a producer. Could the Page Six rumor actually have some truth to it? God, we hope so.

You Can Have Love and Lust

“It’s best when love and lust are joined. You can have both, but don’t confuse them.”

Speaking again from experience — we love how Courtney always gives a specific story to learn from. She is like our older, sage best friend who used to do lots of drugs.

You Can Have More Than One Soul Mate and That Includes Friends

“Platonic soul mates are actually the best in some ways.”

This is very Sex and the City.

Don’t Sit Around and Pout on V-Day (or Fake a Suicide Attempt)
Here is yet another life lesson spoken from experience. Props in this situation included food coloring, a bathtub, and a disposable razor. Ever the method actor, she actually tried to get stitches.

“i was such a nut job romantic 16 year old miss havisham thank god i grew out of that nonsense.” [sic]

Wear Red Lips and a Pink Dress on Valentine’s Day

“I’m wearing rosy red and a pink dress so I’m with you, cliches are there for a reason.”

Amen, sister.

Don’t Look to the Stars for Relationship Advice (Unless the star is Courtney Love)

“[astrology is] total pop psych for the bourogoise” [sic]

Sorry, Susan Miller.

P.S. The video is worth checking out solely because her hair looks amazing. We might take to Facebook to see who is doing her blow outs.

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