Old Navy’s Awesome New Ads Star The Original Cast Of Beverly Hills, 90210

Confession: I never actually watched Beverly Hills, 90210 back in its nineties heyday.

I did, however, spend about two years in college gradually making my way through nine of the eleven seasons (thanks, Netflix!) when my roommates were appalled I had never seen the show. So you can imagine my elation at the newest Old Navy ads, which star the cast in the new, grown-up role of elementary school teachers.

In the first of the three clips we’ve seen so far, Gabrielle Carteris reprises her role as Andrea Zuckerman, pining in vain after Jason Priestley, who, while less of a dreamboat these days than he was while at Beverly Hills High, is still pretty adorable. Oh Ah-ndrea, you never could catch a break, could you?

In the second, Priestley tells kids to “buckle up” as a preventative measure against pantsing. Brandon Walsh always was the consummate good guy, wasn’t he? Unlike Steve Sanders, who’s probably too busy shilling anti-aging creams in New Jersey to join his former castmates.

Finally, in the third and, in our opinion, penultimate spot, Old Navy makes Kelly Taylor choose yet again between Brandon and Dylan. As if that scene wasn’t heart-wrenching enough the first time around.

Spoiler alert: Kelly chooses jeans. All of them. We probably would have gone with Dylan McKay and jeans, but then we never quite saw eye-to-eye with her character.

What about you? Would you choose Old Navy over these two hearthrobs?

[Old Navy’s YouTube via BuzzFeed]

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