6 Stupid-Easy Cult ’90s Film Costumes for Halloween

We gave you plenty of notice. We implored you to start your Cara Delevingne, Beyoncé, Kanye West and Anna Dello Russo costumes early. But it’s Halloweve, and you are costumeless. You could do something mind-warpingly incredible with makeup, but maybe you have two left hands. Maybe you’re allergic. Maybe you don’t want to catch public transport looking like Human Barbie’s BFF’s creepy transgender Justin Bieber clone.

Well, fear not! Cult ’90s film characters are not only cooler, they’re also ridiculously easy to whip up at the last minute using things you should already have in your own wardrobe. You might need to get a couple of accessories from Ricky’s, but what’s the alternative? Being… Normal?


Anyone from The Craft
All four main characters in the craft pose the same level of difficulty costume-wise. If you don’t already own a black miniskirt and a white shirt then you require more help than is contained on this page, though may we suggest popping in to Forever 21 for some cross earrings and a choker (if, of course, you don’t own those already too). Finish with three friends willing to dress the same as you, and make sure you are always walking side-by-side. Unless you’re walking on the sidewalk, because then we will have to cast spells on you.


Romy or Michele from Romy and Michele
You may or may not own a short, glittery nighty, but ask someone you know. Then ask them again, because they will deny owning one the first time. Then attach some white fluff to the bottom, and viola! Accessorize with Post-its plus one equally shiny friend, because this is definitely more of a couples costume.


Cher Horowitz from Clueless
You already have the blazer and the white shirt, you may have the plaid mini. Goodwill definitely has the plaid mini. Throw on some white knee-high socks, write your fave designer labels on some shopping bags with a black marker and you are Cher Horowitz, except without the amazing closet and the Paul Rudd.


Run Lola Run
Red hairspray, a blue tank top and some fake pelvis tatts (or a pen to draw them on with).  That’s it.


Fifth Element
Orange hairspray, white bandages, white underwear and a fearless attitude to being nearly naked in public. That’s it.


Corey from Empire Records
This costume is really a two-in-one because you can upgrade (or downgrade, whatever) to Sexy Corey as fast as you can say “Rex Manning Day”. For the sexy option (or the lazy option, whatever) just remove your fuzzy sweater and make sure you’re wearing a red bra.

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