A&F Offers To Pay The Situation To Stop Wearing Their Clothes

In an effort to protect its reputation, teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has offered The Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino a “substantial payment” to stop wearing its clothing.

In a statement released Tuesday, the company explained that it was “deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image.” That image, we’ll take this opportunity to remind you, is one that celebrates youth at all costs, inappropriate black and white photography and not telling your girlfriend what you and Trip did at the mountain house last weekend. And as far as A&F’s marketing people are concerned, whenever the Situation goes out with the rest of the Shore cast and gets drunk in a pair of Classic Straight Sweatpants, he’s making them look bad. (Something sort of similar happened when the people at Coach bought Snooki a Gucci tote.) Per the statement:

“We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans.”

And we agree — when the Sitch is filmed going out, drinking alcohol like its Aquafina and more or less ruining perfectly good hot tubs, we find that distressing, and the last thing we want is to look like him. What we find even more distressing, however, is a clothing company whose success is built upon countless acts of bigotry and a corporate culture that promotes promiscuity, half nakedness and wearing flip flops in the snow. But that’s just us.

If Abercrombie wants the Situation to stop wearing his clothes, we guess that’s fine, but it shouldn’t pretend it’s asking him to do so because he makes the brand look bad. It’s because no one in America buys their clothing anymore (well, except for this lady) and they badly need the press.


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