We Hope Cosmo Won’t Make Adele Look Weird On Its December Cover

We’ve had our issues with Cosmpolitan magazine — and its offensively photoshopped magazine covers — in the past, so we’re really, really hoping that the magazine won’t make British singer Adele look like some kind of tarted up fool when she appears on its December cover.

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Women’s Wear Daily reports that the singer, who recently found herself on the cover of British Vogue, will front Cosmopolitan‘s end-of-year issue. The paper claims that “insiders said the interview and photos will surprise some and offer a new side to the pop star.” And that’s what has us worried.

For Cosmopolitan, a “new side” can often mean a longer or shorter neck than the subject of a cover has in real life (see: Britney Spears, Dianna Agron), or a political scandal of international scale, like when Kim Kardashian‘s image showed up on the cover of Turkish Cosmo in April. (If you don’t know why that’s controversial, please click here.)

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We’re also not sure Cosmo is even capable of showing a “new side” — of Adele or of anyone. Have you seen the magazine’s covers? They’re all the same! Whoever the woman on the cover is, she’s always looking directly into the camera with one or both hands on her hips. And if she’s wearing a dress or skirt, you can bet your next paycheck that she’s pulling a fist full of it up to bare just a little more of her already exposed legs.

This isn’t sexy or interesting, and it hasn’t been “new” for decades. You’ll have to excuse our incredulity, but we just don’t think this cover or this issue is going to be revolutionary or cool. And why put a cool, revolutionary person on the cover if the cover isn’t going to be cool and revolutionary, too?


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