Adele’s Entire Body Hidden From View On British Vogue Cover

We love Adele (and if you don’t, we can’t be friends, because 21 changed our lives), but there’s no getting around the fact that the British singer is not a thin lady. This is something she is comfortable with — and we are too. But the people at Vogue UK, which Adele will cover next month, aren’t. We know this because the October cover is basically one big picture of her pretty face that crops her curves from view.

This would be understandable if Vogue UK was a beauty magazine primarily concerned with how you choose to apply your liquid liner. But in most British Vogue covers, you get to see the cover girl’s waist and shoulders, if not her entire body. This is because it’s a fashion magazine, and fashion magazines exist to do one thing: sell you clothes. How is Vogue UK going to sell you the sweater Adele is wearing if the only thing you can tell about it is that it is a lovely shade of green?

Putting Adele on the cover without acknowledging her as a person of size is a lame attempt to reconcile two opposing forces. All magazines want to be seen as timely, and it’s clear that as far as British music is concerned, Adele’s time is now. However, when you Google image search “Vogue UK cover,” mostly you get images of pin thin models and actresses posing against a bright background.

We’re sad the magazine decided to only show her face, but we’re not surprised. Like most everything in the magazine business, this has been done before. Last year, when Elle put actress Gabourey Sidibe on its 25th anniversary cover, it obscured most of her body from view, too, and probably for the same reasons.

So while we’re happy that Adele got a cover, we’d be even happier if Vogue had chosen to show her in her full figured glory. And we just don’t understand why they wouldn’t. Take a look at the full cover below and tell us if you can figure it out.

[Vogue UK via Catwalk Queen]

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