Advertising Age Didn’t Actually Name Rihanna’s Armani Ad Sexiest Of 2011

Advertising Age has been getting a lot of attention from blogs and newspapers for naming one of Rihanna‘s Armani ads the sexiest ad of 2011. The problem is, Advertising Age never named any of Rihanna’s Armani ads the sexiest ad of 2011. So, like, what gives?

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Ad Age, which is officially the only credible source on this story, reports that everyone from The Daily Mail to The Huffington Post reported the item last week, citing a survey of advertisting industry experts conducted by (you guessed it) Advertising Age. But none of the posts about the recognition linked back to Advertising Age — because there was nothing there to link to.

The magazine’s journalists reached out to a number of sources that quoted them as saying that Rihanna’s very sexy ad was the sexiest of the year and found out that at some point, someone committed that highest of journalistic crimes: fabrication.

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“We got our info for the post you are referring to from Huffington Post, who got their story from the Daily Mail (who all credited you),” GlobalGrind‘s celebrity editor explained Friday.

The Daily Mail said its source was a press release from an outfit called TNI Press Ltd.

“The 23-year-old singer’s daring display was hailed the best of the year in a poll of advertising industry chiefs carried out by U.S. magazine Advertising Age,” TNI’s release said.

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Huh. We guess you really can’t believe everything you read on the Internet? (Except, you know, for this post.)


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