How Far Would You Go For Your Foot Pain?

We could write a book on ways to help make your feet not hurt after hours of wearing a great pair of 5-inch heels, but the truth is, heels hurt. No matter what. They cause blisters and cramps, and in the most extreme cases, permanent damage. But unfortunately for the high heel devoted, the alternatives — or lack thereof — make ditching heels for flats a non-option.

So what’s a heel loving fashionista to do? Shockingly, some women are going under the knife to make their feet more high heel friendly.

At Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery in California, foot obsessives can choose from a plethora of creepy procedures, all in the hopes their feet end up beautiful and high heel ready.

The Cinderella Procedure helps correct bunions while, at the same time, making your foot more narrow. Perfect 10! Aesthetic Toe Shortening keeps your toes from peaking out of the front of sandals. And Foot-Tuck Fat Pad Augmentation, involves a doctor taking fat from a patient’s abdomen, and injecting it into the balls of his or her feet. This provides some extra padding on the foot, helping ease the pain of a full day of heels.

Creepy or constructive?

We think creepy — and The American Podiatric Medical Association agrees with us. “Our function is to relieve pain and correct deformities,” Kathleen Stone, the president of the APMA said. “We are not trained to allow women to fit into a narrower shoe.”

Our feet have 26 bones, 30 joints, and countless nerves and tendons. That’s a lot to mess with, and the dangers of aesthetic foot surgery are abundant.

Dermatologist Debra Jaliman opted for mild aesthetic foot surgery — the correction of an unsightly bunion — and was left with nerve damage. Not only can she no longer wear heels, but she needed six different corrective surgeries and was on crutches for two years.

Worth it? We think not.

So how far would you go to fit into a narrow pair of Louboutins? We hope not as far as those flocking to Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery.


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