WATCH: Toddlers And Tiaras‘ Infamous Star Steals Things Backstage

If you didn’t see Alana, the Toddlers And Tiaras star known round the Internet for calling everyone and everything “honey boo boo child” on Dr. Drew last week, then we feel sorry for you. But we do have something that will make up for your loss: video of Alana getting ready to go on air with the TV psychiatrist. Ka-ching!

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In the video, Alana takes a wad of $1 bills out of the pocket of somebody’s jeans and runs around her dressing room while yelling, “I’m rich!” and “Ka-ching!” Meanwhile, Alana’s handlers (by which we mean her parents, bless their hearts) try to curl her hair and besequin her little frame in an attempt to prepare her for the big time.

We don’t see Alana drinking any of the now-infamous Go Go Juice, which her mother has explained is basically a soda mixed with an energy drink (Mountain Dew and Red Bull? Sprite and Monster?), but it’s pretty clear she’s had some when she says she wants $100,000, gets angry and yells for no reason, and then proudly proclaims that she stole someone’s chocolate.

Here’s hoping whoever it was that’s missing their chocolate won’t miss it too much. It’s long gone now.

Take a look at the video below.


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