In Case You Need Another Reason To Love Him, Alber Elbaz Is Nice To His Fans

We think Alber Elbaz is the most adorable designer ever. He sings, he dances, and he writes books, among many other things. Just when we think he can’t get any better, he finds a way!

During an interview with the New York Times at a fancy Upper East Side cafe, a fan named Ester paid his bill without him knowing. So, this happened:

“But I must thank her!” Mr. Elbaz, looking crestfallen, told the waiter.

He extracted a black marker and a piece of paper from a zippered navy snakeskin pouch, which functioned like a briefcase, and quickly sketched a portrait of the woman. It included a pearl necklace and her Chanel bag, the quilting rendered as crosshatching and a logo of interlocking “C’s” dangled from the side. He also drew a caricature of himself, with a big circular cartoon head framed by glasses and an oversize bow tie. This he left for Ester with his gratitude.

The waiter, not recognizing Mr. Elbaz, looked at it as if it were a child’s drawing, and put it in a drawer.

CUTEST. (And seriously hope that waiter gave the drawing to Ester.)


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