WATCH: Aldo Makes A Model Eat A Popsicle In Slow Motion

Because photographer Terry Richardson can totally be left alone with a model and something phallic and nothing bad will happen and it won’t be caught on film, Canadian shoe company Aldo hired him and approved him to do just that for its spring campaign video.

Model Anais Pouliot stars in the commercial, and takes a bite out of a popsicle before dropping it unexpectedly. It then falls in slow motion until it hits the ground and splatters — in an artsy way. The men’s commercial is also in slow motion, but the male model they hired, Mat Gordon, gets to wear a tuxedo and jump up and down in the rain. They’re both fun spots, and the only big complaint we have about them is that they remind us of summer. And sadly, summer isn’t here yet. But soon.

UPDATE: While Richardson shot the campaign images, the videos were actually directed by Barnaby Roper.


[via Grazia]

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