We Believe Alexa Chung Doesn’t Have An Eating Disorder

Rag on her shoes though we might, we’ve always thought Alexa Chung was a lovely and talented young woman. But more than a few people have accused her of having an eating disorder, and the model, designer and TV personality is sick and tired of hearing it.

Chung, who appears on the cover of British Elle‘s November issue, told the magazine, “I cannot express how frustrating it is to not be believed when you say, ‘I don’t have an eating disorder.'”

Rumors about her possibly having anorexia reached a fever pitch last year when she was in the United States working on a television show with MTV. The show struggled, and Chung suffered from stress as a result.

“I am naturally very thin. I get even thinner when I’m stressed. And you cannot imagine how stressed I was last year,” she said.

We’ve heard actresses, models and other beautiful women explain away apparent problems with food and dieting in the past, but we’re going to take Chung at her word. Weight loss is a natural byproduct of stress — we can attest to that. Our jeans fit better after fashion week was finally over. And from following her and her career, we sort of get the feeling that her mind is strong enough to keep her away from unhealthy habits.

But we still wish she’d get rid of those awful flats.

Anyway, if you disagree with us, we promise we won’t ream you for it — sound off on Chung, her work, or health in general in the comments box.

[Via People StyleWatch]

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